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# Set up the solution for KtaneWeb
You need several other git repos for KtaneWeb to function. Execute the following script to put everything in the right place relative to each other:
KtaneWeb depends on a number of Nuget packages. Visual Studio handles this automatically when you try to compile the project; otherwise you may need to run a “Nuget restore” first.
mkdir Ktane
git clone https://github.com/Timwi/KtaneWeb Ktane/KtaneWeb
git clone https://github.com/Timwi/Propeller Propeller
git clone https://github.com/RT-Projects/RT.Util RT.Util
git clone https://github.com/RT-Projects/RT.SelfService RT.SelfService
git clone https://github.com/RT-Projects/RT.Servers RT.Servers
git clone https://github.com/RT-Projects/RT.TagSoup RT.TagSoup
Here are some links to the individual repos. You do not need to clone these unless your contributions requires a change to any of those.
This will generate a directory tree as follows:
├── Ktane
| └── KtaneWeb
├── Propeller
├── RT.SelfService
├── RT.Servers
├── RT.TagSoup
└── RT.Util
Links to the individual repos:
- KtaneWeb -- <https://github.com/Timwi/KtaneWeb>
- Propeller -- <https://github.com/Timwi/Propeller>
- RT.SelfService -- <https://github.com/RT-Projects/RT.SelfService>
- RT.Servers -- <https://github.com/RT-Projects/RT.Servers>
- RT.TagSoup -- <https://github.com/RT-Projects/RT.TagSoup>
- RT.Util -- <https://github.com/RT-Projects/RT.Util>
- KtaneWeb -- <https://github.com/Timwi/KtaneWeb> (thats this project)
- Propeller -- <https://github.com/Timwi/Propeller> (contains PropellerApi)
- RT.Servers -- <https://github.com/RT-Projects/RT.Servers> (contains HttpServer)
- RT.TagSoup -- <https://github.com/RT-Projects/RT.TagSoup> (an HTML library)
- RT.Util -- <https://github.com/RT-Projects/RT.Util> (lots of utilities, including extension methods)
- PdfSharp -- <https://github.com/empira/PDFsharp> (used only by the “Generate merged PDF” feature)
# Set up KtaneWeb locally