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KTANE Content

This repository contains the files that are hosted on https://ktane.timwi.de/. It does not contain the software that runs the server; this is hosted in https://github.com/Timwi/KtaneWeb.

The various folders in this repository are:


Contains HTML and PDF versions of all the KTANE module manuals and cheat sheets.


Contains image files used both by the manuals as well as the website proper. The component SVGs (the graphics in the top-right corner of every manual) are stored in HTML/img/Component. All other graphics for a specific manual are stored in a subfolder by the modules name. The graphics directly in HTML/img are either shared by all manuals (e.g. the background images) or used by the website.


Contains the JavaScript used by the manuals that enables the highlighting features, as well as external libraries such as jQuery UI.


Contains JSON files about each module's various pieces of information such as: name, description, source code, release date, steam workshop ID, etc.


Contains the module icons. Each icon should be 32×32 pixels, use alpha transparency, and preferably be minimalized using pngcrush.

This folder does not contain other UI icons used on the website. Those are in HTML/img.


Contains the files of the puzzles made by the community.


Contains the Logfile Analyzer, Profile Editor, Template Manual and a few other files.